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Work life assessment

Take the work life assessment (only 10 simple questions)

Steps to follow

  1. Download the Excel file shown below to your PC/laptop or mobile phone
  2. On PC/laptop, open the file. Click on “Enable editing”.
  3. On android mobile phones, the downloaded file may not open if you click on it. On android mobile phones, open WPS office/or simillar app first and open the downloaded file titled “work-life-balance-assessment-success-coaching2.xlsx”.
  4. There are 3 sheets in this file
  5. Fill in your name and date on “Introduction” sheet
  6. Go to “Questionnaire” sheet and select your answer for each question from 6 options. On android mobile phones, tap and select “edit” to select your answer.
  7. Go to “Summary Results” sheet to view your work life balance score and tips
  8. After you know your score, please send me your score on my whatsapp number +91 750 751 9250 and I will send you FREE practical tips to improve or maintain your score.

Click the link below to download the Excel file (short survey 10 questions)


Click the link below to download the Excel file (detailed survey 45 questions)

work-life-balance-assessment-success-coaching 45 questions



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