Business coaching

My Vision

“Create Successful Entrepreneurs, One Entrepreneur at a Time!”

I have coached business owners from many industries including:

  1. Manufacturing
  2. Tours & travels
  3. Finance, insurance
  4. Inverter/UPS
  5. Engineering design
  6. IT hardware & software solutions
  7. Transportation
  8. Medical center/doctors
  9. Education and training
  10. Coaching and training
  11. Real estate
  12. Dental specialty center
  13. Medical device consultants

Few of my clients

  1. Operon Strategist
  2. Betel Digitech Pvt. Ltd.
  3. Spectra Diamond Tools
  4. Poison Anti Aging Pvt. Ltd.
  5. Supriya Energy
  6. Paxon Industries
  7. Configurator Solutions
  8. Sahir Projects
  9. Cast Craft
  10. Rubicon Design and Systems Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
  11. Dalvi Associates
  12. S. B. Education Society
  13. Shree Roadlines
  14. Suvish Holistic Wellness Center
  15. Supertuls Enterprise
  16. Varsha Soft Tech
  17. Mind Colors
  18. Dr. Mathesul Orthodontic & Specialty Dental Center

Coaching benefits to business

  • A survey by Manchester Inc. of 100 business owners found that coaching provided an average return on investment of almost 6 times the cost of the coaching.
  • A recent study of Coaching in a Fortune 500 firm by MetrixGlobal reported a 529% return on investment and significant intangible benefits to the business.

39-Coaching benefits to business

Are you running a business and want business growth?

Whether you are a business owner or a freelancer, a common goal you have is to grow your business.

I have an arsenal of more than 30 scientific tools and techniques.

Make a strategic decision for your business. Call me.

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Do you want to start a new business?

If so, you have come to the right place. I guide you step by step in the process of setting up a business.

Get started with your new business. Call me.

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