Success stories

What do clients say about me

50-Anjali Borkar

I was not clear about my goals and counseling work. When I consulted with Mayur Sir, all my goals became clear to me. Sir has given me exercises to know my target clients. Sir has guided me to know sales and advertisement techniques. It helped me to get my clients.

Thank you very much Sir.
– Anjali Borkar, NLP Coach & Memory Trainer, Nasik

41-Pravin Mundhe

Mayur Pangrekar conducted training programs for entrepreneurs from all over Maharashtra on developing business mindset, positive attitude, lead generation and sales conversion techniques. His training was interactive and included activities, examples and business success stories.

These programs benefited entrepreneurs in many ways including increase in confidence and positivity, knowledge of practical techniques and clarity in professional goals. I highly recommend Mayur for your team’s training needs.

– Pravin Mundhe, Director, Aakar Foundation and Civil Engineering IIT, Pune

59-Namita Cherekar

From Mayur’s training session on personal productivity improvement, my confidence improved through the activities and I learnt how to plan and schedule my daily tasks.

– Namita Cherekar, Project Co-ordinator, Operon Strategist, Pune

32-Anurag Pardeshi E tendering

From your training, now I have more confidence and positivity due to lot of practical techniques and knowledge you shared with us. I  learnt a lot from your speaking style and body language which I will use in my own life. Your tricks and ideas are amazing!

– Anurag Pardeshi, Business Owner – Infrastructure, Maharashtra



Coaching: I had coaching session with Mayur. After the session with him, I found that he can provide “direction” and “momentum” towards any goal, the key components required to achieve any goal. The benefits to me are clarity about business goals and speed of progress in my business.

Training: Mayur conducted a training session regarding positive attitude and time management for my team, it was very much useful and it will help us a lot in our professional and personal life.

– Neeraj Gupta, Business owner & Author, Poison Anti Aging Pvt. Ltd.

From Mayur’s soft skills training program, I got to know about my strengths and weaknesses through the activity. Also learnt how to interact with team members and the importance of goal setting.

– Akshay Pawale, IT professional, Lonar Technologies, Pune


21-Anant Jukkalkar

Challenge: I was unable to sort my short term priorities and could not determine what steps I should take to come out of the confusion on a day to day basis.

Coaching Sessions: With one to one coaching sessions from Mayur, I could define short term goals and determined the small steps I should take on daily basis and got more clarity in thinking.

Mayur makes you talk with tough but simple questions that are non-intrusive and gently points out the grey areas and the areas where more effort is needed. He motivates and follows up daily to make sure what is required is done. Mayur also provides non–judgmental and unbiased ground to think and do more!

I recommend coaching sessions from Mayur strongly for untangling your own thought process!

– Anant Jukkalkar, Sr. Project Manager, Infosys

At the start, I was confused about my career. I was not sure how to choose between business or job or new job. But after the coaching session with you, now I have a plan to switch job in December 2019. Also, now I have plan to start side business in Digital Marketing . Thank You Sir.

– Aniket Gaikwad, IT professional, Pune

31-Balveer Thakur E tendering

Through the activities in the training, I became aware of my skills and abilities. I learned how to think before and after starting a business. Also, got brilliant ideas on how to identify customers and how to do sales conversion.

– Balveer Thakur, E-tendeting Entrepreneur, Maharashtra


34-Tanmay Rodge

I got inspiration to start a new business through stories and examples in this business training conducted by Mayur Pangrekar. My positivity has increased significantly and I learnt a lot of social media marketing techniques.

– Tanmay Rodge, Owner of multiple businesses, Mumbai

Rahul Mohanpurkar

Before I started with Mayur, I had following challenges: time management, was unable to crystallize my mission and vision statement and general planning & execution. The coaching sessions helped in establishing my focus and gradually I was able to overcome my challenges. Mayur is a good listener, he summarizes the sessions very effectively for maintaining follow through.

It kept both of us aligned throughout the sessions. I have completed my training module which was my immediate short term goal that I was working on. I will strongly recommend Mayur as a life coach for all those who need to clear the hind sight and excel in the chosen path of self development.

– Rahul Mohanpurkar, Director, S. B. Centenary School

60-Jay Kabra

The benefits to me from Mayur’s training are “how to prioritize” and learnt that with teamwork we can achieve great things. It was a great session. I also learnt the importance of creating a to-do list religiously everyday.

– Jay Kabra, Technical Lead, Operon Strategist, Pune

33-Anand Basvade

In your entrepreneurship training, I got lot of confidence that I can do business successfully. I also learnt how to interact with people and got many ideas on improving communication skills & confidence and managing my stress.

– Anand Basvade, Entrepreneur in construction, Maharashtra

Saujanya Pangrekar

My goal was to get back to healthier life. Coaching sessions with Mayur helped me set specific goals on weekly basis and also helped me understand advantages of positive thinking.

As a life coach, Mayur consistently asked about past week, including achieving my goals for that week. Also, he explained mind and body connection very well. Outcomes as a result of coaching with Mayur: I set some time aside every week to think about issues going on with work life balance that I would not have otherwise. Also, telling him that I have set a goal pushed me to take action and achieve that goal.

I would highly recommend Mayur as a Life coach!

– Saujanya P., Application Engineer, Teradyne (USA)


The training session conducted by Mayur was great. I learnt tools such as “4 quadrant matrix” and “ABCDE” technique to prioritize tasks. These tools will help me manage my tasks and time in proper manner and increase my productivity. The session was good and was presented nicely.

-Lakshmi Ranjith, Technical Lead, Operon Strategist, Pune

35-Mahendra Bodakhe

In this training from Mayur sir, I acquired lot of knowledge about business management and got many techniques to handle customers. I also leaned many different ways to market my business, which I had not even thought before.

– Mahendra Bodakhe, Entrepreneur in Civil Engineering, Maharashtra

Rajat Kabade Cohive

Mayur was fantastic with the startup entrepreneurs. His session titled “Strategies for personal productivity improvement” was helpful for the audience. The session helped the tech entrepreneurs understand missing gaps in their existing routine that they follow for themselves as well as their teams.

I am quite optimistic about the impact of personalized training modules that Mayur can design for individuals. I appreciate his ability to summarize the session in effective manner. The audience was vocal about their own challenges, Mayur was able to address them with effective solutions.

– Rajat Kabade, Founder, Cohive Coworking Spaces

In the training from Mayur, I learned how to have a business mindset, how to do market survey and how to create a daily routine. Very beneficial training!

– Amar Jadhav, Real Estate Business Owner, Maharashtra

Niraj Singh Rathore1

Mayur connects with people with ease. He is very enthusiastic and understands the client’s needs very well. If you are looking for someone to guide you through life challenges, he is the right person for it.

He is a good listener and asks you powerful questions to consider new possibilities. I am glad he is in the coaching field to share his knowledge with the world in the form of a coach and I wish him the best for all his endeavors. I am sure he will leave a positive impact on all engagements he takes on!

– Neeraj Singh Rathore, Author, Entrepreneur

Madhuri Chabukswar

Your session on soft skills was quiet interesting. We understood our improvement areas and realized that we need to wok on it. When we did the jogging / leg tapping activity, we were not sure about the figures, I was expecting less than 50 counts in 60 seconds. But, in reality the result was 150 jumps, this means we have lot more capabilities that we think we do.

– Madhuri Kadam, HR Manager, Lonar Technologies, Pune

There were lot of activities and examples in the business training from Mayur Pangrekar, which stimulated my thinking in the right direction . I am feeling much better after the training as my positivity and confidence has improved. I will implement many tips shared in this training!

– Bishwajeet Sharma, Owner of multiple businesses, Uttar Pradesh

10-Pushkaraj Paradkar

In the introductory meeting itself, Mayur made me analyze my goals and my personality through a questionnaire thereby setting a strong direction. Further, as we progressed he provided me with time to time inputs and small things that I could do to improve on things that I was faltering on, while assuring me on the things that I was doing right. These small tasks helped me achieve my immediate goals in an incremental manner.

During the coaching engagement with him, I was able to address some important decisions at that particular time in my life. He is a great coach to work with and has tremendous patience and is a thorough professional. I would recommend him for anyone who needs a catalyst for self-help in achieving their goals.

– Pushkaraj Paradkar, Architect/Consultant, KPMG

From your soft skills training session, I understood how to improve my communication skills. I also learnt how different aspects of personality are related with each other.

– Anuja Rokade, Java Developer, Lonar Technologies, Pune

I am a retired executive from civil engineering service. I am in the process of starting a construction business. The training conducted by Mayur gave me insights into business management and made me realize my current level of skills and abilities. It also taught the importance of detailed business planning and daily goals.

– Pramod Mane, Entrepreneur in construction, Ahmednagar

54-Shubham Chavan Siddhant College

Your seminar of communication skills blueprint was very helpful to us. I learnt various methods of interacting with other people. The activities in the seminar were helped me learn all the concepts very fast.

– Shubham Chavan, MBA student, Siddhant College of Management, Pune

I got clarity about myself from your training session on soft skills. I am feeling motivated and more positive and I will work on the areas of improvement.

– Dipali Narkhede, IT professional, Lonar Technologies, Pune